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Bleach fan
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Cosplay is always better with friends!

Thanks for visit :hug:


13th Division sweatshirt by HanakoUkitake
13th Division sweatshirt
Today I want to introduce my 13th Division sweatshirt!

One of things that I hate of merchandising is that, usually, most of things are about main characters. My favorite manga/anime character is Jushiro Ukitake, a minor character. For this reason, sometimes, if I want some merchandising I can't find it, because isn't on production. 

This sweatshirt is really easy to do! I let you some pictures. The process was easy: paint the symbol on a paper and cut them for use as a pattern. Finally, paint with color for fabrics and let it dry.

And here the final result! I did it as a Captain's haori! I wish you like it! This gonna be my favourite winter cloth, I guess.
Sogyo no Kotowari Shikai tutorial. LAST STEP! by HanakoUkitake
Sogyo no Kotowari Shikai tutorial. LAST STEP!
The final step is put the amulets on the cord and fix them! Here you have some details for the union on the sword and cord and the amulets fixed.


Before I finished this tutorial I have to thank help from my boyfriend and all my Bleach's friends that encouraged me for continue. Thank you so much, a part of this Sogyo no Kotowari belongs to you!

And all people that dare to do this shikai... is difficult and it gonna take a lot of your leisure, but you gonna be so proud when you finish it! Cheer up and I wish this tutorial gonna be useful for someone someday.

Thank you!
Sogyo no Kotowari Shikai tutorial. Tsukamaki. by HanakoUkitake
Sogyo no Kotowari Shikai tutorial. Tsukamaki.

My Sogyo no kotowari is dry! Now is time for tsukamaki! (remember that Sougyo no Kotowari's tsukamaki is red). I bought two pairs of red shoe cord and I sewed them from tsukamaki.

For this step I won't explain you how to do this, because I use a tutorial on the internet. I'll let you the tutorial that was very useful for me!

All credits are for Hyoujinsama:…

And for the final knot (Ura and omote) I used this, from Hyojinsama too:…

Sogyo no Kotowari Shikai tutorial. Step 6 Painting by HanakoUkitake
Sogyo no Kotowari Shikai tutorial. Step 6 Painting

Time to paint! The first step: remove all the dust on the sword and, when the sword hasn't any wood dust, you can start with the primer!!

1st step: Primer

We used spray paint (but you can use whatever kind of paint). We'll start painting the swords with primer and wait for drying! --->PICTURE 1

Second step: Paint with silver and black!

We first paint all the sword with silver paint. When silver paint is dried, we put masking tape on the area that we want to keep silver.

Now you can use black paint. Ensure yourself that the masking tape covers correctly all the silver surface, because if you let a little silver area without tape, they'll be black (and is difficult to paint above black).

For these reason, I cover with newspaper the handle too. Well, latter paint them with black, and don't worry if your sword seems that come from Mordor (as my Boyfriend's Benihime on the picture)--> PICTURE 2

3rt step: Golden!

Be careful with the golden paint and let it dry a few days or, aversely, when you touch it, you can stain the paint with your fingers and the golden will become green. Try to touch them just enough. ---> PICTURE 3

When paint is dried, you can touch up the imperfections with a brush. We wasted three days painting Sogyo no Kotowari and Behinime, and another extra day in retouching. But, I think that result is great! 


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